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Antoine Vérard, L’Art de bien vivre et de bien mourir (The Art of Living Well and of Dying Well), 1494.

Wow, finally able to post this! :) This is painted for Light Grey Art Lab’s “Animystics” show, which is opening at the end of the week!
Please consider purchasing a print of mine (or from any other artist in the show)! Not only are you supporting the artists, but a portion of my prints sold will go to Feline Rescue Inc! All artists will be donating a portion of their sold work to an animal rescue of their choice. We want to make a lot of money for them, but in order to do that we need you guys to spread the word about the show!!
More about my piece:
Growing up, I used to be given a lot of stories/books/art/jewelry that had a unicorn somewhere within the imagery. The mythology behind unicorns is what sparked my imagination and creativity as a very young kid. It is also an important animal that connects me to my mother, who has passed away.
This unicorn is based on the Arabian Oryx, which is thought to be a huge influence in the imagery of the unicorn. Buttercups (large buttercups) grow in its mane and tail; a flower prevalent in my childhood home. I spent a tremendous amount of time in the woods and near water growing up! There is also a reference to Princess Mononoke in the way the unicorn walks on the water; a movie (and studio) that has had influence on me for my entire life.
Graphite and digital painting, 12”x16”
For more info on the show and opening reception, please click here!

☆all my little twin star unicorns ☆


Leetle tiny unicorn mixed media practice! All of these are 2x3 inches. c:


unicorns are notorious for their hatred of posturing bro culture
(I’m debating making this girl available as a sticker and a shirt.)

Snuzzles by LinzArcher